Self Tanner FAQ's:

Q. Why is my tan coming off when I shower for the first time?

Honey Glow self-tanner includes a bronzer. This is the color you first see when you put your tan on. When you first shower, you'll notice this coming off. This is just the bronzer and not the actual tan that you'll be left with for 5-7 days.


Q. Can I use soap when I rinse off my tan?

You don't want to use soap to rinse off the first time around. You'll want to take a lukewarm shower (not hot) and avoid using any wash clothes. It's best to avoid soaking in a bathtub as well.


Q. What type of soap can I use when I have tanner on?

You'll want to avoid any soaps with a lot of ingredients and avoid anything with mineral oil (lotions or soaps). Mineral oil breaks down the tan and can cause it to fade quicker. You'll also want to avoid any exfoliating products until you're ready to cleanse off your tan and start fresh. *Coconut oil is said to be safe for self-tanner.

Our favorite self-tanner soaps: Aveeno Active Naturals Body Wash; Puracy Natural Body Wash; Love, Beauty, and Planet Majestic Moisture Body Wash; Cetaphil Daily Refreshing Body Wash; Mrs Meyers Clean Day Body Wash; Arbonne Shea Butter Body Wash.


Q. How long will my tan last?

Everyone is different but your tan should last 5-7 days. Your tan will fade as your skin naturally sloughs off. It will also depend on if you've exfoliated prior to applying your tan, if you shower or bath a lot, what type of soaps and lotions you use, etc. Once your tan fades you should exfoliate really well and shave prior to re-applying again. Be sure to stay moisturized using a non-mineral oil lotion for longer lasting results.


Q. Does your tanner come with a mitt?

No, our tanner does not include a mitt simply because the mitt that we offer is reusable.